Highview Travel

When Highview Travel took flight, the skies rejoiced.

And so did the travel agents.

It all began with one Travel Agent, sitting at his lone desk working passionately on behalf of his clients.

He was struggling to provide competitive rates
and knew that a consolidator would have access to lower airfare.

Wanting to pass that discount on to his clients, he set out to look for one.
He tried one. And another. And a third.
But kept bumping into challenges.
On his first attempt,

The itinerary was botched up
leaving his client frustrated.

On his second attempt,

The agency wasn’t available when his client was stuck with a delay, ruining his client’s travel experience.

On his third attempt,

Scams were used to upgrade the cabin
leaving his client blindsided.

It was three strikes and out.

He was done relying on cold, distant and unresponsive third parties,

and committed himself to be the consolidator he was looking for.




And so, Highview Travel was born.

The Highview Mission

Highview Travel was founded to give travel professionals access to the lowest fares and highest level of client satisfaction.

And for 15 years we’ve kept that
promise. How?

We don’t let you fly solo.

We join you and your client for the complete journey.