July 30, 2018

5 Ways A Travel Agent Beats A Booking Website

When you hear ’em mutter: ” I’ll just book this online…” Inhale. And, Hit them! with these hard facts, we meant. The battle of live vs […]
July 24, 2018

Marketing Travel: Target Age-Appropriate Groups

A most recent study by Shullman Research Center may help agents with marketing travel by categorizing clients with domestic and international destinations based on their age group. […]
July 2, 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling Air: Mythbusters!

Once upon a time, airline industries paid commission. Then, in 2002 life as travel agents knew it abruptly stopped.  Lacking airline commissions, agents became innovative in […]
May 29, 2018

Travel Lingo Every Agent Should Know

Stopover & Layover – Synonyms. Aye or Nay?? Direct Flight & Non-Stop Flight – Synonyms. Aye or Nay?? If you are an expert in the travel […]
January 6, 2017

What we learned listening to travel agents

Last month, our online marketing partner ran a survey with U.S. travel agents.  They asked both customers and non-customers to fill out a brief questionnaire. We […]
July 22, 2016

How Travel Agents can Leverage Brexit to Increase Business

Is corporate travel to Europe in your clients’ itineraries? Here’s how you can cash in on Brexit’s immediate and long-term impact to increase your company profits. […]
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