5 Ways A Travel Agent Beats A Booking Website

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July 24, 2018

5 Ways A Travel Agent Beats A Booking Website

When you hear ’em mutter: ” I’ll just book this online…” Inhale. And, Hit them! with these hard facts, we meant.
The battle of live vs online still waging strong out there.  Win those clients with some powerful knowledge.
Then go down some booze at the next industry event…. ( That’s another thing you’re good at… eh? )

1. Fine Print Expert

Nobody likes mumbo jumbo. In fact, most people don’t understand mumbo jumbo. However, intelligent peoples aka travel agents are expert deciphers.

Rerouting Policy? Cost of change? Cancellation Policy? Yeah, make the complicated simple.

One Down, Online Booking Sites!

2. Babysitter of Potential Reservations

You can actually hold that reservation until your client’s employer gives in to that extra day off! Online sites? You book now and here, otherwise start all over again tomorrow.

Can we call it a win?

3. Important Contacts

Messy situations? Mistakenly cancelled a booking? No big deal… As a travel agent, you have access to people who can throw their weight around and solve the situations.  Travelers booking online have no such recourse, and no such big wig contacts on their Facebook page.

4. Open Jaws Reaaaallly Wide!

Travel agents can build some pretty cool open-jaw tickets, flying clients into one city and out from another, and do it for a reasonable price. For whatever reason, most online travel booking websites quote insane prices when you try doing this yourself online.

That’s called power!

5. Finally, You Can Beat Online Prices.

With the help of airfare consolidators of course. At Highview Travel we leverage our airline connections and expertise to bring you the lowest negotiated fares. Always.  Increase your profit of margin and bring your client the best quote at the same time.

Can it get better than this??

Grand Slam! Hey, travel agent – anything you would add?

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