4 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling Air: Mythbusters!

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May 29, 2018
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July 19, 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling Air: Mythbusters!

Once upon a time, airline industries paid commission. Then, in 2002 life as travel agents knew it abruptly stopped.  Lacking airline commissions, agents became innovative in how to retain profitable margins in the industry. Travel cruises and tour packages became the new solution to earning commissions.

Airfare? Naa let the traveler figure that out on their own!

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

A reluctance to sell air is often driven by 4 myths that will hurt your bottom line.

Myth 1: I can’t make a profit selling air

Truth: Selling air can be an easy way to increase your bottom line.

Travel agents usually complete a booking on Highview Travel in less than 5 minutes. And, said travel agent’s average revenue per sale is at least $100. ( yes, that’s with simultaneously giving their client’s a superb deal!) Think of it this way; if you could make just two bookings per week you would add over $10,000 to your bottom line each year!
A good, long-term relationship with an airline is invaluable. 15+ years of business has placed us at Top Account status with most major airlines. We have access to commissions and net fares that are not available to small agencies. Some of our net fares are hundreds of dollars lower than the published airfare. Highview Travel will give you the published airfare so you can compare before you add a markup.

Myth 2: Travelers don’t mind booking their own airfare

Truth: Clients seeking a travel agent want to give the complete burden of responsibility to a pro.

Even with the rise of Online Travel Sites, booking airfare can feel unpredictable and confusing to someone who doesn’t do it for a living. If you sell travel packages without air, you put yourself at risk of losing clients to a full-service agency.

Myth 3: Travelers don’t really need my expertise. They got the internet!

Truth: Internet knows the PC User, you know the client.

The internet doesn’t know travel or your client like you do. Air scheduling, missed connections, overpaid tour packages…. So many mistakes could be avoided by going to an expert–like you!

Myth 4: Selling air = Debit memos.

Truth: Airfare Consolidators removes the dreaded ADMs from the equation. For good.

The high possibility of loss due to errors may completely deter some agents  from selling airfare. But using a wholesale travel agent like Highview Travel allows you to avoid the headache of GDS training, issuing tickets, monitoring schedule changes, and sitting on hold with an airlines to resolve minute issues.


We are a white-glove airfare wholesaler operating in support of our partner travel agencies.

Request A Quote – Our Airline relationships mean the best fares for you.

Or, Signup to receive latest deals. When you ticket a qualified booking with us you’ll receive a cash bonus. Every time.

Let us be YOUR air expert. We succeed only when you do, so let us help you!

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